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New "Energy Team" to Save America?

Could the new "Energy Team" in Washington mean real energy policy for America for the first time in over 30 years? This "Green Dream Team" will need to be truly outstanding to confront the tasks at hand and to face probable resistance from industry and Congress.

According to news reports, Carol Browner is slated to be senior White House adviser to coordinate energy and environmental policy, while Steven Chu will be energy secretary, and Lisa Jackson will be the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

If it is to survive as a sovereign nation, America must invest in next-generation, green-transformative technologies. But it won't be easy, as Congress just gave away literally trillions in bailout money to failing banks, Wall Street and credit card businesses that don't deserve it. These companies only had to fill out a two-and-a-half page application to receive these funds, and we seem to have no oversight for how and where that taxpayer money is being spent. Compare this funny business with the Big 3 U.S. automakers getting the third degree, with a much larger application and several Congressional hearings grilling them on specifics - and rightfully so, but it's for a fraction of the money and many more jobs at stake! In the past several presidential campaigns, credit card companies have been the leading financial contributors - what can you imagine they're getting in return?

Some of that massive amount of taxpayer money handed over to the banks, etc., would have been better spent on an energy transformation geared towards independence from foreign oil, such as the Pickens Plan. Right now, Americans need new jobs as well, and with his new energy plan President-Elect Obama has promised "5 Million new Green Jobs...that cannot be outsourced." Maybe that will help Americans recover from the Big Three auto bailout pickle. In reality, Americans should not bail out the car companies just to keep those same businesses and jobs that are part of the problematic past, when in fact we need new business models and next-generation technology that is part of the future instead.

The Big 3 U.S. auto manufacturers are considering an all-electric vehicle, but they also need to consider a selection of diesel-hybrid plug-ins too, geared towards an algae-based biofuel, which eliminates the food vs. fuel concerns. And the average diesel engine is 35% more efficient than a gasoline engine!

America has many other energy concerns as well - we need a new next-generation electrical grid. Experts say that the U.S. electric grid is obsolete, which some claim will hinder the Pickens Plan. I disagree, as solar panels and wind turbines could be a wise option for many areas, as would algae and hemp biofuel.

In any event, America needs a new energy plan based on alternative fuels, and let's hope this "Green Energy Dream Team" will deliver at last.


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Algae: The Biofuel Revolution

This is great news!

The sustainable energy age has begun. It was recently announced that a company in Florida called Green Flight International (GFI) has plans to construct a $100-million, algae biofuel plant aimed at making fuel for the aviation industry as well as for ground-based transportation.

GFI has also completed the world's first jet-aircraft flight powered by 100% biofuel. GFI president and CEO Douglas Rodante says that "algae-based biofuel would be able to replace petroleum without alterations to engines or infrastructure, and could be used for all sorts of transportation."

The potential of algae biofuel for both vehicles and air travel is so promising that it will play a large role in helping America finally become energy independent. Biofuel from algae completely eliminates the food vs. fuel concerns of other biofuels, and CO2 will be significantly reduced. Algae are the fastest growing plants in the world, and that fact translates into 20,000 gallons of biofuel per acre! Soybean, corn, switchgrass and other biofuels cannot even compete.

Since the average diesel engine is 35% more efficient than a gasoline engine, maybe the Big Three auto manufacturers in the US crying for a bailout would be wise to create a nice selection of diesel-hybrids, because only diesel engines can run on biofuels.

In Europe, there already exists the "Volkswagen One-Litre," which is a "two-seater prototype that’s been on the roads in Europe, does 237 mpg." It is estimated that by 2010, these cars will be running at 250 mpg.

Try doing a search for the "VW Lupo" or "Audi A2," however - the Lupo seems to have disappeared much like the EV1 by GM did. What's up with that?

As an example of innovative green technology, there are several cool diesel motorcycles, such as: "The eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle is a...diesel-electric hybrid...accelerating from 0-60 mph in 6 sec and with fuel consumption at 160 mpg." Diesel motorcycles have been old news throughout Europe for years. I'd love to see Harley-Davidson create a diesel-hybrid with fuel efficiency in mind for Americans.

The use of biofuels in diesel engines has been clearly known for 100 years:
"The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time."

- Rudolph Diesel, 1912
I encourage Americans to learn the history of Rudolf Diesel and his diesel engine, created in 1895, which used biofuel over 110 years ago. After Diesel’s death, the idea of fueling engines with biofuel was quietly swept under the rug. His original designs were modified, and Diesel engines were made to run on petroleum fuels.

This information about Diesel shows how long vehicle manufacturers and big oil companies have known that we never needed to be addicted to oil - and just look where that addiction has gotten us! We are on the verge of global chaos, with countries going bankrupt, while other countries like Saudi Arabia have been enriched through oil money to conquer once-powerful nations like Great Britain and the U.S. Many of our most dire problems on this planet, from pollution to political chaos, can be traced to oil consumption.

Rural areas, towns and cities across America could have their own algae plants customized to their own local needs. This development could minimize fuel distribution costs and reduce traffic by keeping those semis off the roads too.

Americans need to demand that the government and manufacturers get serious on this issue now. With our persistence, author Tom Friedman will be right: Green will become the new red, white and blue.


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Revenge of the Electric Car

While the Big Three U.S. automakers in Detroit cry for a $25-billion dollar bailout, we should keep in mind the documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car." This important documentary released in 2006 investigates the "creation, limited commercialization and subsequent destruction of the battery-powered electric vehicle in the United States, specifically the General Motors EV1 of the 1990s."


On November 14, 2008, Nate Holden, former California State Senator and L.A. City Councilmember, held a press conference demanding General Motors apologize to the American people for destroying the automaker’s EV1 plug-in electric vehicle. Mr. Holden demanded the EV1’s immediate re-introduction before, or in exchange for, any Government bailout of GM.

GM now has a hybrid-electric car called the Volt due in 2010. It promises to be a great car - it's just far too late.

Chris Paine, director of "Who Killed The Electric Car," is currently working on the sequel titled, "Revenge of the Electric Car."

Simply put, the Big Three don't deserve a bailout - they've had 30 years of bad management and refused to give the American people what they wanted: Fuel-efficient vehicles. Instead, they seemed to be holding hands with the oil companies and other special interest groups, making big gas guzzlers. Because of this obvious conspiracy, they destroyed every one of those EV1 electric vehicles.

I don't trust the fear-mongering about what might happen if the US taxpayer doesn't give them the $25-Billion bailout. Remember the $700-Billion bank bailout just 7 weeks ago? And just last week Treasury Secretary Paulson publicly nixed that plan almost completely - although he kept the money, of course. The US taxpayer should be protesting in the streets demanding their money be returned. I cannot trust this government at all - no more bailouts for the same old bad business models that haven't been working for American citizens for 30 years. If small business did what current government & big business have been doing for 30 years, they'd be in jail.

I say give a new car manufacturer a try - one who will make the necessary adjustments, keeping in mind future energy issues, sustainability and foreign oil from countries who hate America and are trying to destroy this nation. Oil companies who do not have America's best interests at heart have had a monopoly for far too long.

Of course, I am concerned about all the jobs lost, if the Big Three go under. However, let's keep in mind that Obama's energy plan promises "5 Million new Green Jobs... that cannot be outsourced." And the plan includes putting "1 million Plug-In Hybrid/flexible fuel vehicles, which can get up to 150 miles per gallon of gas -- on the road by 2015, cars that we will work to make sure are built here in America." So far, that's something I can stand behind that is definitely a better alternative to what we've got now. That is something really exciting to look forward to.

Now is a perfect time for such a new direction, with a new automobile industry and a new President who promises to finally give the U.S. a real energy policy, for the first time in 30 years. Hopefully, Obama will also consider the Pickens Plan. These are great opportunities, if the US government and business can get it together.

The Stone Age didn't end because they ran out of stones. So it should be with the fossil-fuel industry - let's end it before we run out of oil, and before it ends us! I have no problem saying, "Good riddance!" to the oil industry. Let it and these dinosaur automakers remain in the last century. Bring in the sustainable energy age.


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